ROVER Case Study – Using Med App to integrate Doctors into their new rotation with ROVERs

June 24, 2020

Duncan Paradice

Duncan Paradice COO, climber, surfer, lawyer.

The Challenge

Getting rotating junior doctors to integrate into their new terms and become effective team members. Beyond the normal hospital onboarding, Doctors need the specific info about what their new term involves. To facilitate this process some of our hospitals give junior doctors a term handover with specific and accessible information about their next clinical term.

These ‘rolling term handovers’ or ‘ROVERs’ give junior doctors the ‘heads up’ on what to expect in their new term. Through critical bits of information it allows them to become a productive team member quicker – and therefore feel more confident in their job!

The NSW HETI JMO Managers Guide also has some great suggestions around ROVERs, term and hospital orientation that are well worth a look.

Bad Old Days of Term Changeovers

Word docs from the local drive would be emailed out to doctors during the term. The doctor would then need to update it (requiring lots of admin chasing) and then re-email them out to the next rotation. You can see the unproductive time overhead start to stack up quickly. Not to mention making it more difficult for clinicians to read it when they want to.

How does Med App Help?

Using the ‘in-app’ editing feature and personalised Mailouts hospitals were able to overhaul their ROVER workflow and:

  • Significantly reduce overhead for updating ROVERs;
  • Use ‘one click’ reminders on Mailouts to update ROVERs (Med App has around an 80+% read rate for Mailouts);
  • Get Doctors to submit edits directly through their app on mobile or tablet;
  • Let admin staff know automatically when there are new edits submitted with ‘one-click approve/reject’ on those changes;
  • Make the new ROVERs live for Doctors to see without ‘re-sending’;
  • Get analytics around term changeover (we normally see peaks in the app during term changes).

Key Outcomes

  • Doctors are prepared for their clinical term in advance.
  • Doctors had the most up-to-date and useful information for their new clinical term.
  • Time to update and distribute term material was significantly reduced.
  • Doctors can make edits to their ROVER easily via the app.

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