Med Apps Visits Central Queensland

November 7, 2023

Dan Graham

Dan is Med Apps' Nursing & Midwifery Clinical Lead and part of the Hospital Success team. A change champion and ideas man, Dan brings his years of nursing experience to the Med Apps table.

In October, the Med Apps team had the incredible opportunity to visit Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service (CQHHS) for a week of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. The trip proved to be a remarkable experience, filled with highlights that strengthened the team’s commitment to improving healthcare through innovative technology solutions.

Back in person!

From the moment they arrived in Central Queensland, our Hospital Success Team (Ben Rowland and Dan Graham) received a warm welcome from the Gladstone Hospital executive team and staff.

One highlight was being able to do things face-to-face again. The COVID-19 pandemic had previously limited in-person interactions, so being able to meet the healthcare providers and staff face-to-face was great. It was evident that the Med Apps team’s presence was greatly appreciated, and we were equally delighted to work alongside those dedicated to improving healthcare in Central Queensland.

Collaborating with clinicians

One of the primary objectives of the Med Apps team’s visit was to better understand the workflows and processes of Medical and Nursing orientation, education and staff engagement. The week was filled with productive workshops and discussions with the medical and nursing staff. These sessions served as a platform for invaluable exchanges of knowledge and ideas.

Through these workshops, the Med Apps team gained a thorough understanding of the challenges faced by the Medical and Nursing teams at CQHHS. We had the opportunity to learn about the unique patient populations they serve, the specific clinical workflows, and the pain points that could potentially be addressed by innovative technology solutions.

Med App Nursing Workshop with Nurse Educators

Leaning into the reality

One of the Med App core values is delivering a product through lived experience. Being on the ground and seeing firsthand the complexities of healthcare delivery in different hospitals, regions and states allows us to continue developing our products, and the support for them, in conjunction with the clinicians, educators and administrators. This allows us to always be responsive to the ever-changing needs of, not only CQHHS, but all the Med App sites.

The Med Apps team’s week-long visit to CQHHS was a resounding success. The warmth of the welcome they received, the opportunity to work alongside our hospital sites again, and the productive workshops and interactions with healthcare professionals were the biggest highlights. 

We can’t wait to do more of this in the future! If you would like the Med App team to come out and do a review of your sites, get in touch with the team to find out more!


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