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How it works

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Access all orientation info before you arrive on site—prepare thoughtfully and minimise procedural mistakes associated with starting a new job.


Know how your new facility and team works before you arrive on site. Check in on your clinical specialty, familiarise yourself with your meeting locations and supervisors, and get critical tips from local users


Get easy access to information, tools and services to support you as you deliver the best care possible.

Events and Education

Never miss an education session again. Track announcements and invitations to all training and education events. If you can’t make it, we’ve got you covered – access previous education notes via the app.

Quick access to critical info

Find patient care information quickly and simply – be up to five times faster by having protocols, consult guides and local information at your fingertips.


Avoid time on the phone to switchboard by having the local hospital phone directory available in-app.

Skills and CPD

Capture your skills and CPD while on campus and take them with you or share with your college. Never be caught having to do statutory declarations or bulk admin again.

Simplify communication, reduce paper heavy administration tasks and get back to building rapport with clinicians.

Save Time

Send fewer emails, make fewer phone calls, and complete less paperwork. Get precious time back to spend more time building relationships with your clinical staff.

Orientation and rotation management

Create a unique and personal orientation experience starting before your clinicians arrive on site. Manage and update rotation documents and handbooks without ever sending an email.

Events and Education

Simplify the coordination and attendance tracking of education sessions, removing the need to paper sign in sheets! Know who has attended what in a click of a button.

Accreditation and maintenance

Easily access your education attendance summaries and sessions feedback, along with all of your event feedback.


Improvements have been made to dashboard workflows meaning even less time on the phone and on email chasing down outstanding administration.

Create a communication channel with your frontline clinicians that actually works, while delivering benefits for your staff and patients.

Clinical engagement

Increase engagement of frontline clinicians in broader hospital initiatives that support their wellbeing, experience and career development.

Efficiency of care

Direct access to key information can save clinicians up to six precious minutes in productive time – time that can be spent on patient care or professional development.

Risk Mitigation

Tracked and targeted messaging gives executives confidence that messages have been received by clinicians and key information is not missed.

Clinician Experience

Improve staff experience at your facility by providing tools and information that make delivering care easier.

“It was great to have the information prior to rotation. I felt more comfortable and able to hit the ground running.”

Intern, Broken Hill

What it Does

Key features

Consult guides

Hospital specific procedures are now current and mobile to scale the education and engagement needed for all quality improvement and change programs.

Common Calls

Refer back to useful clinical information based on the latest evidence, validated by your clinician leaders, when you need it most. Have the confidence to deliver the best care possible.

Term info and Unit Information

Learn about the ‘in’s and out’s ‘of the team you are joining – be confident and effective from day one!

Updates and announcements

Cut through the noise of hospital emails and keep a clean channel to clinicians keeping everyone up to date with the latest and most useful information.

Phone directory

Bypass switch with the phone directory. Locate individuals, departments, theatres, printers, door codes and more!

Account/Location change

Rotating to a different facility? Simply change location and get instant access to location specific information.

Rosters and Swaps

Get easy access to your local roster and on call roster. More and more sites, are also promoting open or shifts that need to be swapped. 

Education & events

Stay on top of all of your clinical training – where, when and how. Reminders, notification and evaluations completed simply through your phone.


Fully featured survey tool that is integrated with your education and training sessions. Ideal for post-event evaluation, accreditation reporting, wellbeing pulse checks and logging skills.
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Focus your communications. Improve engagement by increasing signal to noise with custom communication cohorts across events, surveys and announcements.
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Manage Users

Add and remove users quicker. The process is just as simple whether you are adding 1 or 100 people to your account.


A Quality improvement and clinical change support tool. Target content to specific users to support change projects and programs.


Send personalised and interactive onboarding and orientation ‘letters’ to locums so they can hit the ground running with immediate access to clinical resources, hospital info, phone numbers and processes.

Best use cases for mailouts 


Set up education and training events, send invitations, track RSVP and attendance automatically with QR codes and keep a history of events and attendances for hospital accreditation and personal profile.

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Automatic review reminders for content updates and a full version log supports accreditation. The ability to link to articles inside and outside of the app.

Gold star reporting gives an organisation insights and strategies to improve content, communication and engagement to build a unique experience for clinicians.

Data Driven

Make data-driven decisions that improve the confidence and effectiveness of your clinicians

Benchmarking and Innovation

The MedApp team provides detailed benchmarking from over 65 hospitals across the world bringing you new and innovative use cases and improvements to support your clinicians and reduce administration.


Show surveyors tangible evidence of improvement projects, education and communication pathways.


Work with Med App Hospital Succes to co-design action plans for increasing clinician engagement and stand side by side with you to deliver.

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