Sprint 24: Protocols & Engagement

May 6, 2020

Duncan Paradice

Duncan Paradice COO, climber, surfer, lawyer.

We are always evolving and improving Med App to deliver benefits for our hospitals and the patients they care for. We add new features and functionality to the platform based on consultation with our hospitals and users. Doing this ensures clinicians have the tools they need to provide better patient care. For a full list of the features in this release, check out our Help Centre.

But here are a couple of highlights…

DIY Protocol Builder

This is a new ‘content type’ for the app (in addition to HTML, PDF, videos, Excel etc). It lets you to build decision tree tools or interactive protocols directly into the mobile app with a few clicks on the dashboard.

You can convert paper based, or PDF protocols into dynamic and interactive decision trees. This makes them quick and easy to use for frontline clinicians.

See how it works here.

Track Engagement with Mailouts

Our Mailouts feature allows organisations to quickly track clinician engagement. Administrators can view traffic volumes at a glance or export a CSV report to conduct further analysis.

Mailouts is a great way to track the effectiveness of communications sent via the app, see who has read the info, and follow up with those that have not (for examples think term changeover info, new locums, quality improvement projects).

Administrators can also orientate with new locums, agency or other short term staff before they arrive on site. Confirm that they have ‘signed’ the document to maintain the paper trail and give access to location specific info. Or use it to make sure intern medical staff have the information they need to start a new rotation, update their ROVERs or are up to date with hospital protocols.

You can also use it to view Mailouts within Campaigns. Running a campaign report gives you engagement info for cohorts across multiple Mailouts. A great way to track engagement across a quality improvement project or process change.

Find out more about or feature set and get in touch at [email protected].


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