Orientation done and term 1 is coming to an end.

April 12, 2023

Duncan Paradice

Duncan Paradice COO, climber, surfer, lawyer.

As we come toward this first rotation for the Australian Medical Interns of 2023 we thought it would be a good time to reflect briefly on some of the orientation data collected by MedApps across Australia and New Zealand. For a reminder as to why orientation is so important, you can dive into the stats from an old post of ours – Why orientation matters.

TLDR: Orientation is a critical building block for retention, confidence, effectiveness and as a result, helping to reduce mistakes. It can build or hinder culture and sets a standard for engagement, support and wellbeing. 

These Interns will soon be reminded to first update their current term Rovers (rolling term handover document) and then be welcome to the next rotation via Med App. The intent here is to provide a backstop of useful information to help with the transition from one rotation to the next, building confidence in the care being delivered. 

This process is particularly useful for those clinicians heading out to a rural rotation for the first time, where they will be out of their personal and professional support networks. 

Locums and students can also benefit from effective orientation with little to no extra effort required from the facility. 
For tips on improving the orientation experience for your clinicians and automating mundane tasks for your administration staff please check out 7 steps to prepare for orientation. You can also reach out to the Med App team and get access to our help centre – where we have a truck load of useful templates and checklists to help any team improve their orientation.


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