Case Study

Med App for locums


Reduce the time to onboard locum medical staff, improve clinical experience and reduce associated administration, in particular follow up related to compliance and mandatory training.

Situation prior to Med App implementation

  • Limited, untracked communication with Locums prior to arrival requiring multiple emails and calls with no insight into whether the clinician had received any information;
  • Printed hard copies of on-boarding documents, only delivered to Locums if they arrive Mon-Fri;
  • On occasion a, short orientation conducted by night manager if Locum arrives in the evening or weekends;

Did you know?

NSW Health Root Cause Analysis of some adverse patient outcomes show Locum on-boarding (including low awareness of local guidelines) to be a significant contributing factor to critical incidents.


  • Implemented Med App, replacing 4 systems with one and automating a number of key orientation and skills capture workflows.
  • A proactive onboarding process with a personalised welcome to the facility via the Mailout feature.
    • Within 45 seconds: Locums receive a text message to download the app and finalise registration, plus a personalised welcome to the facility with immediate access to critical clinical and operational information.
  • MailoutsAllows the local Medical Administration team to see which Locums are reviewing information prior to their arrival and send reminders to those who haven’t engaged.
  • Surveysallow administrators to collect feedback on their processes (onboarding / offboarding) and hospital.
  • Events and evaluationwith automated notifications support  skills capture and mandatory skills compliance


Med App provides access to critical information for Locums, including:

Emergency numbers;

‘In-hours’ vs ‘out-of-hours' service availability + transfer protocols, referral guidelines and local service information;

Quick reference guides for IT systems and information on local priorities / practice requirements;

Med App reduces the number of follow-up calls to Locums after shift completion by using the post shift evaluation workflow. This information is quickly and efficiently collected, with improvements documented and addressed.

Medical Administrators control access to information once the Locum has moved on.

Key Outcomes


  • Recognition of the professionalism of the facility and Medical Admin Team.
  • High usage and engagement while on campus, increasing effectiveness in the clinical team.
  • 90 registration, read and sign rates for incoming clinicians.


  • Facility risk mitigation, providing quick and easy access to local guidelines supporting clinical efficiency and improved patient outcomes.
  • Greater effectiveness of clinical teams leading to improved patient experience.

Medical Administration

  • Less printing and more productive time (Medical & Administration).
  • Confidence in ability to engage with Locums, even at short notice.
  • Ability to re-engage / re-recruit Locums who enjoyed their experience at the facility.
  • Insight into what additional improvements could be made – e.g. access to clinical information, referral services,  accommodation options and better access to support.

Seconds to send onboarding materials

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