Med App #Randoms April

May 6, 2022

Med App

Every now and again we have a trawl through our MedApps slack channels to grab a few interesting articles, pictures and links that we are sharing. It’s a quick peak at some of the things we are interested in at the moment and a few things to keep the team sane in some… interesting times!

Travel #Randoms!

Our team got out of Sydney just in time.

Health #Randoms

Team #Randoms

Here is a look at all the wild things the Med App team has been up to in the last month. Camping, triathlons, (long overdue) team catchups!

During new doctor orientation this year the Med App Hospital Success team ran a number of intro sessions for new clinicians to get them started with Med App and help our hospital admin, workforce and education teams. One of our intro survey questions was ‘should pineapple be on a pizza?’.

Originally posed as a lighthearted question, it quickly became divisive among the Med App team. Those who thought it is an obvious ‘no’ were surprised by the un-cultured, un-refined responses of the ‘yes’ voters. However the ‘yes’ voters had the final say with well over 75% of responses from across interns, allied health staff and grad nurses saying ‘yes’.

Certainly a difficult day for humanity…


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