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May 10, 2022

Duncan Paradice

Duncan Paradice COO, climber, surfer, lawyer.

In one of our latest product releases we have expanded the way you can engage with your clinicians through Med App!

Our product team has released 2 new features and expanded our Events feature to help you streamline effective engagement with your clinicians all through the Med App platform.


Cohorts combines the focus of a user list, efficiency of Med App roles and the engagement stats of Med App Mailouts. Create a custom list of people that you can use across all of Med App’s event and communication solutions. So far we have Cohorts available for use in Surveys, Events and Announcements. This lets you create and change groups to communicate directly with. More signal, less noise!

Watch how easy it is to create and populate a Cohort 


Create and distribute surveys direct to your clinicians with automated sends and follow-up. Review and download responses in real-time, direct from the Med App dashboard. This means the end-to-end event reminder, attendance and survey process can be done from the Med App dashboard. Just set and forget!

Clinicians can access and complete surveys through the app, and responses are populated in real time on the dashboard (people can also use a link to complete surveys even without the app).

Just create a survey template that can be distributed over and over again to a focused Cohort, Roles or attached to an education or training event. Each distribution is unique, allowing the results to be viewed for each distribution level (or download to aggregate across all distributions). This enables you to derive insights from individual sends or sessions.

Link surveys to Events to streamline and automate the collection and analysis of education feedback evaluations from your clinicians automatically.

New in Events

In addition to adding a survey, you can also configure custom automated notifications. So auto-reminders for invitees pre-event, send your survey 5min before the end of the session, and even a reminder to complete a couple hours later. Set it up once, and even if you change the event time or date, your automated notifications change with it.

Your notification to remind users to complete their survey even includes a direct link to the survey.

 To learn more about these features reach out to the Med App team!


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