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April 18, 2022

Duncan Paradice

Duncan Paradice COO, climber, surfer, lawyer.

We are hiring an exceptional individual who wants to contribute to that mission.

We are a dedicated and driven team of clinicians, consultants, engineers and business professionals from many different backgrounds and experiences.

Med App is in more than 60 Hospitals across Australia, the UK, NZ and Canada. In 2021, Med App was used to digitally orientate more than 25% of Australian medical interns and we currently have an installed user base of almost 30,000 clinicians. 

You can read more about the Med App culture and commitment.

A Med App core value is that ‘customers are part of the team’. So we believe that working in close partnership with our hospitals and clinicians positions us all for success. Our Hospital Success Team provides administration teams with a point of contact for ongoing ideas, advice, tools and resources required for a successful deployment, utilisation, and return on investment.

The Hospital Success Manager works closely with our Med App Dashboard users to support the great work they are already doing with clinicians, proactively monitor the adoption of the platform, analyse Hospital data (qualitative and quantitative), compile and communicate best practices from our experiences with our customer base, and provide a “voice” for all our customers across operations and product development.

The responsibilities for this role span across client relationship, application specialist, data and analytics, technical professional services, and project/change management tasks. 

When you join Med App, you’ll be part of a passionate team that is helping thousands of health professionals feel capable, confident, and efficient in their work. 

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