Med App #Randoms November

November 29, 2021

Med App

Every now and again we have a trawl through our MedApps slack channels to grab a few interesting articles, pictures and links that we are sharing. It’s a quick peak at some of the things we are interested in at the moment and a few things to keep the team sane in some… interesting times!

Health #Randoms

Too much digital?

An interesting read on some of the downsides of digitising projects. Interesting to see some of our Med App core values and things we prize in there. Things like working with our customers to design health focused features and functionality, making sure they are part of the team and reducing clicks, reducing complexity and streamlining processes are all things we’re trying to work at.

How COVID-19 Changed Hospital Healthcare

The FT goes inside Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Trust to see how the UK health service learned to work in new ways to cope with the pressures of the pandemic.

Alien #Randoms

Some minor discussions were raised in the team this month about our place in the universe, are friends closer than we think?

An eminent astrophysicist argues that signs of intelligent extraterrestrial life have appeared in our skies. What’s the evidence for his extraordinary claim?

Tech #Randoms

Queensland Police record keeping error sees stolen cars confiscated from new blameless owners… oops…

Team #Randoms

Med App Founder Dr Rob Pearlman doing his part for the short handed farmers this harvest in northern NSW!

We have been loving a couple weekly ‘find-a-word-pictures’ in our slack channels. Have a crack, we managed to get there, just!


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