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MedApps Culture

Taking care of healthcare workers, so they can take care of our loved ones, is universally fundamental. We want to empower clinicians. When we succeed, there will be better health and more happiness in the world.

To get there, we work toward an amazing employee culture.

Like all great companies, we strive to hire the best and we value customer focus, integrity, diligence, teamwork, communication, and innovation. MedApps is special because we have a strong emphasis on:

  • Encouraging collaboration while respecting independence

  • Structured approach to process and product management

  • Lived experience, feedback, and research

Our clinician-led Australian company has dedicated people working together in a fun, nimble, and agile environment that is continuously building toward excellence.

What makes us different?


Approach to People & Hiring

We strive to ensure we always have the right people in the right role. If something isn’t working out, we reflect on opportunities to adapt the internal and external environment. We trust and respect what every team member brings to the table including knowledge, skill, and dedication.  Individual wins are team wins and team wins are individual wins.


Approach to Decision Making

A fine balance between respecting autonomy, promoting leadership, and providing support.  All team members are empowered to participate in and challenge our decision-making process, while always keeping our clinical vision front and centre. 


Approach to Innovation & Change

Broad-based evidence and industry-focused approach to understanding our niche. Our strength lies with our in-depth ability to consider and connect with the evolving landscape that impacts patients and everyone involved in their care. Success is driven by the value and utility of our contribution to healthcare.


What are our drivers

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