Impact on Nursing & Midwifery transition programs growing

April 17, 2023

Dan Graham

Dan is Med Apps' Nursing & Midwifery Clinical Lead and part of the Hospital Success team. A change champion and ideas man, Dan brings his years of nursing experience to the Med Apps table.

In our second full year of supporting the intake of the Nursing & Midwifery transition program we’ve reviewed some usage at our partner sites.

With staff shortages becoming a systemic issue globally and domestically, recruitment, engagement and retention are more critical than ever. 

For a reminder as to why orientation is so important, you can dive into the stats from an old post of ours – Why orientation matters.

TLDR: Orientation is a critical building block for retention, confidence, effectiveness which also helps to reduce mistakes. It can build or hinder culture and sets a standard for engagement, support and wellbeing. 

A special shoutout must go to Northern Health (Vic) who over the past 2 years have 100% of their graduate nurse intake registering and using Med App. 

The transition year is a critical phase for Nursing & Midwifery graduates as they build on their foundational skills and knowledge. Having a structured, effective and engaging education program helps to retain early career nurses and midwives. Prince of Wales Hospital in Sydney, NSW is one of our original Graduate Nursing sites using Med App. This year they retained 98% of graduates. A number of initiatives (which included Med App), plus a strong culture of learning and support were critical in this success.

You can read more about how to support your new starters, casual pool and students in our website or watch / hear about the experience of Dan Shaw and the team below. 

Supporting the orientation and education for new starters and nursing and midwifery graduates is only one element of Med App’s purpose and capability.

We’re also in the process of testing a new feature that will allow education and competency assessments to move closer to the bedside with learning pathways and digitalised assessments. No more paper, manual reporting or frustrations come accreditation time. 


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