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A case for change…

In 2020, Nursing orientation information and processes at one of Australia’s Leading Tertiary referral hospitals consisted of:

  • Outdated information distributed via USB sticks
    • Included 20 variations in structure and quality of ward / unit handbooks
  • Paper sign in sheets
  • Paper based orientation evaluations transcribed into excel
  • No collaboration between facilities in the network of hospitals
  • Limited access to clinical guidelines not on the USB
  • Correspondence largely via personal email, work email, Facebook group and Whatsapp.

The Director of Nursing & Midwifery and Education leads had talked with the Medical leads and wanted to see if MedApp would work in Nursing.


Med App for Nursing & Midwifery

This app offers an innovative solution to support not only Orientation but also staff education, quality improvement, real-time clinical decision support and communication.

The aims of the project were to:

Streamline orientation processes

Increase access to clinical and corporate information for Nurses

Reduce administrative tasks for senior teams

Provide analytics data to assist managers

Share and learn from leading practices at peer sites

MedApp was introduced on August 26th 2019 for the final intake of 2019. A series of focus groups were undertaken, along with baseline time in motion studies to support the effectiveness of the platform implementation.

Key Outcomes

Data demonstrated staff are using the app which could lead to productive time savings and can be used to support effective learning and clinical care delivery including, but not limited to:

  •  Weekly transition education sessions and evaluation
  • Supportive quick reference guides e.g. discharging and transferring patient
  • Skills tracking (e.g. Basic Life Support) and reflection completion
  • 60, 90 reviews
  • Ability for CNEs to target specific cohorts with messaging relevant for their group


Other notable outcomes included:

  • A 95+ registration and read rate of orientation materials, increasing the efficiency of orientation week, reducing basic inquiries on uniforms, leave and education requirements
  • One minute in app delivered up to six minutes of productive time with the largest savings coming from accessing key clinical / operational guidelines, phone numbers, roster and education material.


Other facility outcomes

  • CNEs at a tertiary referral hospital received 50/56 replies for the orientation feedback via Med App survey feature – the team usually generated 3-5 responses via  paper based or survey monkey links
  • One facility consolidate 6 systems into one, automating 11 processes reducing email traffic with new starters by ⅔
  • CNEs have used the platform to support agency staff
  • Med App has been used in disaster management to support orientation at vaccination and testing hubs


Cardiology Nurses registered to use the app


New Graduate Nurses registered to use the app

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