Med App #Randoms

September 22, 2021

Med App

Every now and again we have a trawl through our MedApps slack channels to grab a few interesting articles, pictures and links that we are sharing. It’s a quick peak at some of the things we are interested in at the moment and a few things to keep the team sane in some… interesting times!

Product Development #Randoms

An insight into the Intercom product development process. We’ve been doing quite a lot of investigation recently into better product development processes and found this was an interesting read. An interesting look at how product development in software evolves and the ways to keep focused and building fast.

A good look at researching product market fit, and another way to collect and integrate feedback and pain points into feature and product development.

Health #Randoms

When Rob and Tom first met they talked about evaluation and benefits. A lot more attention being paid to it, and potentially more standards. At Med App we’re trying to take a more proactive approach.

Design #Randoms

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology” – Steve Jobs at WWDC in 1997

Parenting #Randoms

With some expectant Med App offspring on the way there has also been some intense discussion around naming these additions to humanity, and also some concern over the IQ levels (not even out of the womb yet!)

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Med App supporting the vaccination effort!

Med App supporting the vaccination effort!

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Dashboard Updates: 6 May 2021

Dashboard Updates: 6 May 2021

2021 is off to a busy start. Between intern orientation, new nursing grads starting and the vaccine rollout we realise the importance of maintaining high signal to noise communications and making sure people have the right information at their fingertips. At Med App...

Reflections on 3 years at MedApps

Reflections on 3 years at MedApps

This month marks the end of 3 full years at MedApps and what a time it has been. I can honestly say I’ve learned more about myself, business, teams and relationships in the last three years than in the previous seven.  For context, in 2018 I was working my way up...