Care delivery set to improve as new clinicians hit the floor!

January 22, 2020
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Each year thousands of new clinical staff flood the public system. Most new starters will be welcomed to clinical work through an orientation block lasting up to 2 weeks, where a huge amount of information will be shared (and possibly absorbed) with excited and nervous clinicians before they hit the floor to treat patients.

This year, Med App will welcome ~35% of Australia’s Medical interns to their professional life using a proactive digital orientation process. It provides insights into how their new facility and teams deliver effective care and creates a unique personalised experience that allows staff to start professional work with the information they need to be successful.

With the huge amount of information imparted on new interns and graduates it is often tough to recall those useful snippets or go back and find that ‘one thing you remember being told about’ during orientation. After the new trainees ‘hit the floor’ Med App provides that ongoing support by giving them the ability to access critical, clinical and operational information when they need it, and helping each individual deliver better care. In addition, Med App provides a safe and secure avenue to access wellbeing information, tools and services curated for clinicians.

To all new clinicians starting in 2020, we want to wish you all the very best and hope you foster your passion for patient care. Look after yourself and your peers and deliver the best care possible. 

At a hospital that doesn’t have Med App? We’ve got you covered! Download the free version – Apple | Android and get access to Consult Guides, Common Calls and Wellbeing tips to help you through the first weeks and months of training.



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