Burning out

December 20, 2019

Dr Caitlin Weston

Doctor, Board Director and passionate clinician wellbeing advocate.

To explore strategies that improve doctors’ wellbeing, optimising their mental health and productivity – USA, Canada, Belgium


A few major themes emerged from my interviews:

  • Conceptual frameworks for the drivers and solutions to adverse clinician wellbeing
  • The importance of measurement to both assessing clinician wellness and its impacts, and designing and evaluating solutions
  • The critical role of leadership support to the growth and success of programs, and ways in which leadership support can be obtained
  • Interventions are most successful when they target locally important causes and harness local strength and skills 
Dissemination and implementation
  • This report will be freely available to the public from the Churchill Trust website.
  • I will present my Fellowship findings at local, regional, and international meetings
  • I have interrupted my anaesthetic training to take up the position of Wellbeing Project Lead with health technology start-up MedApps Pty Ltd. This company, founded by doctors, makes mobile applications designed to improve the working lives and wellbeing of clinicians. The company’s flagship application Resident Guide has a user base of 2,500 Australian doctors-in-training that is rapidly growing, providing an incredible opportunity to implement large-scale wellbeing interventions for an especially vulnerable group of doctors, and offering a potential platform for longitudinal data collection.
  • I will maintain active membership of committees and working groups with the Australian Medical Association, advocating for doctors’ welfare.
  • I will continue to communicate and collaborate with individuals and teams from the international research community to maintain a global dialogue around clinician welfare
  • I will engage with Australian metal health organisations such as Everymind and the Black Dog Institute that have been engaged by government bodies to research and implement wellbeing solutions for clinicians. 


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