Streamlining engagement for clinical teams

June 8, 2021

Tom Collins

Tom Collins is a Director at MedApps as well as a healthcare nerd and marathon candidate

The Med App team has been working with sites all across the country to support pop-up clinics and hubs. 

One of the most critical pieces of information for short-term staff was clear and concise job descriptions – surprise, surprise! People want to understand what they will responsible for, we to go to look up information and who to call if things are not going to plan. 

Giving staff more confidence coming into a new environment is critical. We have found a few key pieces of information sites should consider: 

Facilities and Site maps

  1. A number of requests have come through for site maps, walkthroughs and information on local facilities. If you’re running a hub, often a lot of time is spent creating signage and flows for patients, but limited time spent on providing information for the clinicians and admin teams tasked with delivering the service and knowing their way around the hub.
  2. By providing simple information about the facility, what amenities are available to staff, where they can park, how they can get there, the best coffee spots you can reduce the anxiety of a new starter coming out of their substantive role at short notice and improve their experience. This simple act has flow on effect to patient care and experience.
  3. In addition, maps and walk-through videos are a useful addition to job descriptions. Creating as much clarity as possible is a big win for an already under pressure workforce!

Daily huddle updates – how short clinical / operational pearls can make a difference in engagement

Keeping track of the volume of information through the pandemic has been a real challenge. Even more so for clinicians – changing clinical guidance, vaccine guidelines, operational and HR considerations. 

Daily huddle updates via the Med App announcement feature provide a running newsfeed of information that keeps your hub staff in the loop with what they need to know as clinicians and what advice they should be sharing with patients. 

See how simple it is to send/schedule an announcement here

Clinical information and advice updates are critical in a changing environment like a pandemic. IM injectives tips and tricks, best technique, guidelines and procedural information is constantly changing creating scenarios where clinicians might provide some advice on Monday, but by Friday they need to be delivering a different message. If the clinician hasn’t been on site or hasn’t stayed across what information has come from state agencies there is a risk that out of date information could be shared with patients.

Through Med App sites can manage their own operational information and link to relevant federal or state clinical and operational resources. 

We’ve collected a comprehensive list of information your clinicians might need. Please reach out to the Med App team if we can fast track the set up of your hub and enable rapid training or your clinicians.

For more information, tips or for templates to support your short-term clinical reach out to the Med App Team.


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