Streamlining WBA Programs & digital hospital assessments: real-world results with MedApp

February 12, 2024

Ben Rowland

Ben is a Hospital Success Manager at Med App. When he's not going all out to deliver results and innovative ideas for our customer sites you might find him snapping some amazing photos, on the triathlon podium, out in the surf or getting his 30 year old Landcruiser ready for the next camping trip.

Five hospitals have worked with Med App to deploy digital assessments across their hospitals to reduce time to completion across 151 assessments

Imagine juggling 38 forms – Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX), case based discussions (CBD), Direct observation of procedural skills (DOPs) and feedback reports – for just one doctor in your 12-month Workplace Based Assessment (WBA) program. Multiply that by 10 IMGs, and you’re facing 380 forms to track, chase, and transcribe! That’s why we developed our easy assessments alongside Central Queensland Hospital and Health Service (CQHHS).

A doctor trying to juggle a lot of paper representing the challenges in managing paper based assessments.

Developing Easy Assessments

We partnered with Rockhampton Base Hospital to develop a paperless WBA process, now being used by four other hospitals.

  • Time to completion for Candidates = 3min
  • Reduces time to arrive for administrators: supervisors took on average just over 1 hour to complete – previously this took over 4 weeks!
  • Track and deliver: 151 digital assessments
  • Boost efficiency: Eliminates printing, scanning and manual data entry to reduce admin overheads.
  • Improves user experience:
    • Doctors find the app intuitive and easy to use
    • Coordinators appreciate the streamlined workflow and reduced administrative burden.
A graph showing a breakdown of the 151 assessments complete using Med App digital assessments; Mini Cex 69, DOPS 64, CBD 11, Supervisor Assessment 7

Dr. Debasish Gosh from CQHHS adds:

“Alix and I recently had the opportunity to explore the prevocational forms on Med App and I must say, we are thoroughly impressed! The functionality and design are a testament to the hard work and dedication of the team – fantastic job! “ 

Dr Debasish Gosh

NMAS accredited Mediator, GAICD, CHIA, Medical Administration

Two devices showing the interface of the admin dashboard which is tracking an assessment and the clinician user view showing the various stages of their assessment towards completion

Real world testing, feedback & iteration

Working with the CQHHS team in the clinical environment was core to building a successful workflow that meets the practicalities of working in a hospital as well as the regulatory requirements of the AMC.

Throughout 2023 we continued to expand our pilot sites & feedback for 4 additional hospitals ; Lismore base hospital (NNSW), Port Macquarie (MNCLHD), Caboolture hospital (Metro North) and a another hospital which preferred to remain anonymous.

Here is some recent feedback from a WBA coordinator:

“WBA has been incredibly easy for everyone involved and were pleasantly surprised how easy & streamlined it is.

We were initially concerned about adoption, but even our more traditional doctors found it user-friendly and efficient.”

WBA coordinator

You can read more about the detailed process and watch a video here in our help centre

What’s next?

As we continue to build on the success which easy assessments brings , we look to find additional efficiency improvements:

  • Course construction, allowing admins to tailor assessment requirements for each rotation and provide IMGs with a comprehensive roadmap for success.
  • Support for overtime claims and recall forms for The Alfred hospital
  • Nursing assessments

Don’t let paperwork hold you back. Embrace the future of WBA with MedApp and experience a smoother, more efficient, and ultimately more rewarding assessment journey!

Get in touch here to find out how to make your WBA program paper free!


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