The Med App Pandemic Response Strategy – Part 1

March 24, 2020

Dr Rob Pearlman

Doctor Rob Pearlman is Founder of MedApps - driving healthcare efficiencies and looking after Doctors in Training.

The current pandemic has highlighted the importance of distributing clear and concise protocols to thousands of frontline clinicians. Med App has solved this challenge for Disaster Coordinators, by delivering consumable clinical guidance via an easy to navigate mobile app that enables clinicians to rapidly prepare to deliver care in this challenging environment. Access our COVID Response package here.

Every disaster post-mortem focuses on disaster communications. Already, disjointed communications is causing confusion amongst clinicians from Primary to Tertiary Healthcare. Med App is a simple solution to enable clear and effective communications during the preparatory phase, and is poised to offer even greater operational benefit during the response phase. Here, we lay out the MedApps COVID-19 response strategy.

MedApps response during the current crisis is focused around 3 goals:

1. Information Dissemination

  • Disaster Communications 101
  • Every healthcare worker should have access to standard protocols and procedures in a manner that they are most likely to read
  • Deliverable and auditable

2. Rapid Orientation

  • Requirement to add large additional staffing numbers presents administrative burden and will create inefficiencies, patient harm if staff are starting without appropriate resources and knowledge

3. Competency training and upskilling

  • The potential demand for ventilator-assisted beds is the biggest gap in the healthcare system right now, both physical and personnel capacity need to be released.
  • The difference between access to care and not is the difference between 0.5% mortality and 3% mortality

MedApps is currently focused on performing rapid deployment of the platform during the current preparatory phase; supporting Hospitals by reducing administrative time, upskilling staff, unifying information access and ensuring standard operating procedures are reinforced, not abandoned, in a time of enormous resource mobilisation and reallocation.

During the response phase, Med App will be used to:

  • provide rapid orientation of new and short-term staff
  • access to critical protocols and procedures
  • deliver communications to clinicians with high engagement rates
  • support large scale, rapid competency credentialing, ventilator familiarity and 
  • provide wellbeing support to clinicians

At the best of times, if staff are starting a new role, at a new facility without appropriate resources and knowledge – inefficiencies and patient harm occur. Now, more than ever we must give our clinicians every opportunity to successfully deliver care under the most trying of working conditions. 

Get our COVID Response Package here.


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