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MedApps COVID-19 response

MedApps COVID-19 response during the current crisis is focused around 3 key goals:

  1. Information Dissemination
    • Disaster Communications 101
    • Every healthcare worker should have access to standard protocols and procedures in a manner that they are most likely to read
    • Deliverable, trackable and easy to consume
  2. Rapid Orientation
    • Requirement to add large additional staffing numbers presents administrative burden and will create inefficiencies, patient harm if staff are starting without appropriate resources and knowledge
  3. Competency training and up-skilling
    • The potential demand for ventilator-assisted beds is the biggest gap in the healthcare system right now, both physical and personnel capacity need to be released.
    • The difference between access to care and not is the difference between 0.5% mortality and 3% mortality

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