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Step by step guide to the best orientation with Med App

Med App is supporting over a quarter of the 2024 Medical Graduates transition into intern life and professional medicine. Our work across 60 hospitals has given our hospitals unique insight in tips and tricks that improve clinician experience, confidence and effectiveness. Our goal is to help make every healthcare professional feel capable, confident and effective in what they do. Please contact us, we’d love to learn from you and share the best of our clinical network.

  1. Planting the seed and preparation
    • Review feedback and lessons learned from previous intakes
    • Assemble your team and get on the same page
  2. Setting everything up
    • You don’t have to spend months and months getting content together, leverage existing material. You can even reach out to peers at other hospitals
    • Get allocating! if you don’t know where to start – Download our starter guide, or check out our Gold Star Orientation Handbook
    • Get local clinical teams involved
  3. Orientation week and beyond
    • Be proactive in communicating
    • Make it personal
    • You can still have fun
    • Collect more feedback

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