Having difficulty getting new staff up to speed with operational, clinical and IT information and workflows – Med App has you covered.

May 24, 2022

Duncan Paradice

Duncan Paradice COO, climber, surfer, lawyer.

Given vaccine and testing hub staff are coming from various organisations and are from a cross section of clinical professions – getting access to the right information onsite can be varied. 

Here are some of the examples processes that were put in place at various sites across the country:

  • Short videos with Q&A sessions on how systems or processes work
  • Paper print outs to read on arrival
  • Rushed in person orientation which gets repeated throughout each new shift for each new starter
  • Long emails with multiple attachments with no way of knowing if staff have received or read what was sent to them

Given the short amount of time taken to stand many of the hubs, the result was huge variation in orientation and communication pathways – some effective, many not.

Med App has templated and centralised all orientation, clinician communication and wellbeing information and workflows.

Implementation can take as little as 1 day, can help to streamline orientation workflows and communication channels, and let staff hit the ground running on Day 1.


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