Med App and Celo join forces with a new innovative partnership

February 21, 2021

Dr Rob Pearlman

Doctor Rob Pearlman is Founder of MedApps - driving healthcare efficiencies and looking after Doctors in Training.


Celo and MedApps join forces with a new innovative partnership.

Healthcare technology companies Celo and MedApps have joined forces to offer their solutions in a new partnership model. The two companies, whose services are incredibly complementary, will now work together to provide their customers with a wider and more extensive offering of the two platforms.

MedApp is an offline-accessible, mobile-first tool for accessing clinical and hospital guidelines, communicating with clinicians, and facilitating education and training. Celo’s secure healthcare messaging app makes it easy for teams to communicate, enabling compliant and efficient messaging for better patient care while removing the non-compliant use of WhatsApp and other consumer messaging tools that often creep into the healthcare setting.

“We’re super excited to finally formalise our partnership with MedApps. I’ve known Rob and Tom for a few years now and have always admired the great work they are doing to make healthcare professionals feel confident and efficient in how they deliver great care. To partner with such an innovative company whose values are so closely aligned with ours is a no brainer.”

Celo Founder and CEO Steve Vlok

With Celo’s expansion into Australia and the United Kingdom, the two organisations are very well placed to work together as they rapidly scale their offerings across the globe and into new markets.

“The ability for clinicians to communicate quickly and effectively without compromising personal health information has been a challenge throughout my clinical career. Steve and the Celo team have developed a fantastic platform solving a direct and real problem for clinicians and organisations. We have been careful about our corporate partnerships but the relationship we have built up with Celo and the approach we are both taking to solve problems in hospitals and healthcare, it just makes complete sense. We are looking forward to building on this through 2021 and beyond.”

MedApps Founder and CEO Dr Rob Pearlman

About Celo

Founded in 2014, Celo’s secure healthcare messaging app makes it easy for teams to communicate, enabling compliant and efficient messaging for better patient care. Celo replaces the use of consumer tools like WhatsApp, which often get used by clinical teams to coordinate patient care. With Celo you get the best of both worlds, an easy to use, instantly familiar interface that’s also fully healthcare compliant.

Celo is available on iOS, Android & Desktop.

Learn more at

About MedApps

A company founded by clinicians designing and delivering innovative solutions to enable every healthcare professional to feel confident in their work.

The Med App is in use at 54 public and private hospitals across Australia, New Zealand, UK and Canada with over 22,000 clinicians using it to access site-specific hospital information.

Med App is the modern day digital hospital handbook with workflows that support:

  • Clinician orientation
  • Quality Improvement and system / process improvement project support
  • Wellbeing content, tools and access to partner services
  • Events, attendance and education capture and reporting (includes CPD)
  • Protocols / Clinical Decision Support

We care deeply about the health and wellbeing of all users and are constantly looking for ways to support their education, confidence, productivity so they in turn can deliver the best patient care.

Learn more about Med App at

Or find out more about the Med App & Celo partnership here.

1 Comment

  1. JR

    Great partnership! More hospitals need to be leveraging MedApps and Celo to transform the way their care teams deliver better healthcare.

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