MedApps partner with government agencies to bring you Thinksulin

July 31, 2018
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Powered By MedApps! Over the past couple of years MedApps has been fortunate to partner with some government agencies and build practice tools that deliver critical clinical content to clinicians to:

  • Support their confidence in decision making and care delivery
  • Improve their working experience
  • And improve the outcomes of the patients they are treating.

Thinksulin an app developed by MedApps on behalf of the Agency for Clinical Improvement is one such platform. Built to support clinicians in the management of Diabetic patients in acute settings and app is free available via the app store and MedApps main platform Med App.

You can find international reviews of the platform in the following links which outline the importance of getting solutions right for clinicians.

Download ThinksulinApple | Android or Med AppApple | Android from your preferred app store and enhance your care delivery!


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