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3 Goals of supporting Vaccine and Testing Hubs

  1. Rapid Orientation
    • Supporting clinical staff on short-term, secondment or rotation working arrangements.
    • Reducing the administrative burden from high staff rotation. More efficient orientation means safer patient care by giving staff quick access to the best resources and knowledge.
  2. Information Dissemination
    • Direct access to federal, state and local guidelines. 
    • Give every healthcare worker access to standard protocols and procedures at their fingertips.
    • Delivering information through multiple channels, trackable and easy to consume. 
    • Share daily huddle information, role descriptions and escalations
  3. Competency training and up-skilling
    • Update and notify for immediate distribution of changes in standard operating procedures as they happen
    • Track training and education session attendance, competency delivery and skills sessions capture (e.g. PPE)
    • Decision support tools and resources (e.g. anaphylaxis management / BLS/ ALS)

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