Collection Notice

You may have received an email or SMS relating to our application. This notice outlines how that information has been collected and the purpose for it being collected.

Forms – Unregistered Med App User 

You have been sent an email or SMS because you are an assessor, supervisor or other relevant person who is required to sign-off on a form, assessment or other document (e.g. overtime form or WBA form). 

You may have had your information added by your employer hospital or by a clinician you are currently supervising or assessing. If you are not a registered Med App user, we will only use the information provided to us for the purpose of authenticating sign off on the relevant form, assessment or document. If you are a registered user we will use the information provided to us in line with our Privacy Policy. 

Please note the form (including your sign-off information) will be available to the clinician and hospital/facility administration it is related to.

More Information

All the information on how we collect and use personal information in Med App can be found in our Privacy Policy.

For more information please get in touch: [email protected]